Detective Pizzutti Obstructing Justice Tampering with Evidence Lying, Intimidating & Threatening Lee Kenworthy with False Arrest after Lyndhurst Police Officers Haggerty & Reina Killed Shayling Kenworthy

Lyndhurst Detective Pizzuti Highlight of Crimes Committed On Phone Call Days After Shay's Murder - Iwasanamerican
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Detect Pizzutti:                   Lyndhurst Police, Pizzutti.

Lee:                                            Hi. Pizzutti?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Yes.

Lee:                                            Hi, brother. It's Lee Kenworthy.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Yes. Yes, how can I help you?

Lee:                                            What have you found out?

Det. Pizzutti:                         With what?

Lee:                                            Has the health department been out?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Let me ask you a question, how many times did you call me today?

Lee:                                            A bunch, bro, a bunch. I'm-

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay. All right. You understand that I'm working on other jobs here?

Lee:                                            I do understand that.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay.

Lee:                                            I was waiting on a call back from you. I apologize.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay.

Lee:                                            I've been waiting for a month for you guys to listen to that audiotape, so I-

Det. Pizzutti:                         The audiotape is illegal. You understand that, right?

Lee:                                            How is it illegal?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Did he know you were audio taping him?

Lee:                                            Only one person in New Jersey.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Right.

Lee:                                            That's the law. As long as one person in New Jersey knows that they're recording, it's legal. It's not illegal. You're telling me that that audiotape is illegal now?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Listen, I'm not going to get into a conversation with you, all right? You're still grieving the loss of your wife, right? Okay, you called me 8,000 times today. Okay? Medical examiner's office is handling the autopsy.

Lee:                                            The autopsy, from what they-

Det. Pizzutti:                         They're handling that part of the investigation.

Lee:                                            From what they told me, they told me that there was mucous in her lungs and it's going-

Det. Pizzutti:                         It's, what?

Lee:                                            They said that there was mucous, a lot of mucous in her lungs, and it's going out to, the results, the lung test and everything, it's going out to be examined.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay. Once I'm able to get in touch with the health department and follow up with them, I will.

Lee:                                            I'm just-

Det. Pizzutti:                         Then, I will get back to you.

Lee:                                            I mean, here's the thing. You got to hear me, bro. I called 911. We called you guys three, four times that day. You guys were in the room when my wife died. The whole thing was caught on camera, man. You guys had your body cams on. The whole thing was caught on camera.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Correct.

Lee:                                            Right? This should not-

Det. Pizzutti:                         Well, I don't know if that's true or not.

Lee:                                            The dude was wearing a body camera.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Right, but medical calls, I don't know what their policy is with medical calls.

Lee:                                            No, no, no. Your officer was in the room with his body camera on.

Det. Pizzutti:                         How do you know it was on?

Lee:                                            How do I know it was on?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Right.

Lee:                                            I saw the light was on.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Right. The lights are on all the time. [crosstalk 00:04:38]-

Lee:                                            You're telling me that your officers that had body cameras on, on them, you might not have had on?

Det. Pizzutti:                         Lee, listen to me. You're not going to play games with my words, okay?

Lee:                                            I'm not trying to play games with your words, dude.

Det. Pizzutti:                         You are, okay?

Lee:                                            No, I'm not. I was there. I saw him with the body camera on.

Det. Pizzutti:                         That's fine. If you say so. I haven't had a chance to even look at that, all right? I'm going to tell you, once I've spoken to who I need to speak with, I will reach out for you, okay?

Lee:                                            You got to-

Det. Pizzutti:                         Do you understand that?

Lee:                                            Yes, I do, 100%.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay.

Lee:                                            You got to understand where I'm coming from, bro.

Det. Pizzutti:                         I understand where you're coming from, but you just lost your wife, but yet you're calling me about the health department, okay?

Lee:                                            I want to know what happened, man.

Det. Pizzutti:                         We're on two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Lee:                                            I want to know what happened.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Then the autopsy will tell you what happened.

Lee:                                            All he's telling me right now with the autopsy is that there was mucous in her lungs.

Det. Pizzutti:                         Okay, I don't know what that means. I'm not a medical doctor, okay?

Lee:                                            It means that she had asthma and he's sending everything out to a lab, so the death certificate says "pending lab results."

Det. Pizzutti:                         Right, okay.

Lee:                                            Dude, this should not have happened, man. If you guys had ... you could've helped us, bro. You could've fucking helped us. I should have my wife right now. That's where I am, bro.

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