Superhero Siabella as Shayling Called & Taught Them

Samantha:                             Here. These children are fine.

DCP&P Worker1:               Can you go in the other room, please?

Samantha:                             Why?

Sia:                                              No, wait. I don't want to be alone with any division, please.

DCP&P Worker1:               We got the policeman here...

Samantha:                             She's stating her rights.

DCP&P Worker1:               What's your name sweetie?

Samantha:                             She doesn't want to be alone.

Sia:                                              No, please, you have to understand. I was sexually assaulted by division workers. Please, you have to understand, I don't want you in here, please. I can talk to you out here, as long as she's here.

DCP&P Worker1:               Okay, that's fine.

Sia:                                              No, I want to stay right here. Stay right here.

ManchesterPD:                  Your car's right here.

ManchesterPD:                  Okay, thank you sir.

Samantha:                             Sir, they sexually assaulted her.

ManchesterPD:                  It's not these people [crosstalk 00:00:43]

Samantha:                             I know, I hear you but-

ManchesterPD:                  But I don't know the history of that, and I apologize.

Samantha:                             As a whole, the division cannot be trusted. He has two lawsuits. He would already had the other one if we had enough money and he would be suing the division.

ManchesterPD:                  and I, I don't know... Besides what he told me, I don't know that much about it.

Sia:                                              Please, we don't want them here.

ManchesterPD:                  And again, I understand where you're coming from.

Samantha:                             We knew this was going to happen. I knew that's why you guys were staying here.

ManchesterPD:                  Look He's not in trouble. Basically, he's just going to go down to the hospital and he's going to speak to somebody.

Samantha:                             Yeah, but the division could say anything. They could say there's dirty dishes in the sink.

ManchesterPD:                  Okay but, their major thing is the well-being of the children.

Samantha:                             The children are fine.

ManchesterPD:                  Again, we're not in that sense, that's their job It sucks. It sucks to say it, they have to just interview the children to make sure they're okay. Just tell them that you're okay, that there's nothing wrong.

Samantha:                             Do they have a warrant to interview the children?

ManchesterPD:                  They have paperwork. They have papers showing they're allowed to. And you've got to remember too, when it comes to DCP&P, like anybody can call. A neighbor can call probably saying, “These kids are malnourished,” and they have to come out here.

Samantha:                             They have a tip line just like the news stations.

ManchesterPD:                  Yeah, it sucks. It is what it is. So, people do it-

Samantha:                             And it really sucks because it was Lee's family that called. Family. What is that?

Sia:                                              Where'd they go?

ManchesterPD:                  Where'd who go?

Sia:                                              The division workers.

ManchesterPD:                  I think they're in the van, aren't they? Or no.

Samantha:                             And the ambulance is closer? Like really, what's going on?

Sia:                                              You said that they weren't coming. You said that they wouldn't come, was that a lie?

Samantha:                             Can you guys call the local news? Division's trying to take these children. They just took their father to the hospital because they think he's crazy. Can you please call the local news? This is 72 Constitution Boulevard. Please call the local news.

Samantha:                             Please don't ignore this. There's 2000 people watching. Look at this everybody. Can we say freedom? Freedom rings, from mountain to mountain. Coast to coast.

ManchesterPD:                  They come and sit and talk to you [crosstalk 00:03:06]

Samantha:                             Get lied to by people who supposedly protect us.

ManchesterPD:                  [crosstalk 00:03:09] possibility of saying, “You know what, you guys are safe here and all is good.”

Sia:                                              Yes they also have the possibility of lying. [crosstalk 00:03:14]

Samantha:                             Can't you guys tell them that? Why doesn't DYFS listen to the cops and say, “Okay. These children are safe here.” Why? Can you guys tell them that?

ManchesterPD:                  We can say that but they make that determination.

Samantha:                             Exactly, why? Why? What, you don't trust the police either DYFS?

Sia:                                              Where'd they go?

ManchesterPD:                  I don't know.

Samantha:                             Probably went to go get their car that they parked out of view, thinking that they just left. How ignorant of us.

Samantha:                             Breath Sia, breath. Stay strong.

Sia:                                              Why would they trust Casey she tried to punch you didn't she when you walked to the door...

Samantha:                             Yeah she was hitting me with the fricking' door right in my head and then looked at me like I was a dumb ass. Yeah, I knocked. You didn't hear me?

Samantha:                             Is there another cop in there?

ManchesterPD:                  Huh?

Samantha:                             You're the only one in here?

ManchesterPD:                  Yes ma'am.

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