Here we are hearing listening to and now reading Lee Kenworthy Shayling Siabella and Mikailin Kenworthys lives health and safety being threatened by a thug homeowner who is illegally double dipping as well at the property collecting subsidies on top of the 2200 hundred the Kenworthys paid to have Shayling's health suffer being threatened held and ultimately murdered as we also hear  on this audio recorded evidence now transcripts made available b4 video of Robert still goes unprosecuted 

In these transcripts you hear a father who’s 2 young children are watching in fear and absolute disbelief as this homeowner thug cop of 30 years repeatedly threatens the entire family because they simple wish to exert their legal rights to not be forced to remain in unhealthy unfit illegal with threats of detainment false illegal retaliation removal of our children watching in fear as Shayling captures video of his ongoing berate while denying the smile request of meeting in our lawyers office to pay whatever his criminal family of police thugs wishes so my family may move on safely and go sell our estate and take care of Shaylings parents our children and live freely in our country 


         Any dialogue of Lee Kenworthy offering anything was to get out of the situation that Robert escalated every time to avoid doing the legal ethical thing his badge career and reputation demanded...

         All actions statements from lee Kenworthy after already being grabbed threatened with violence against my entire family children Siabella and Mikailin Kenworthy and Shayling I said whatever necessary to get back inside and console my terrified family that I said was okay we all were and we would be alright as we grabbed everything left and went to share the recordings and situation with Shaylings parents who we all decided without a lawyer involved this family of illegal retaliation cop thugs wouldn’t get another threatened coerced dollar from our family while keeping us in their unhealthy filthy disgusting unfit home discrimination at its best under threats where we didn’t want to live as we had stole by them our entire lives ahead of us along with financial freedom. 

Robert Martin, Richard Pizzuti, Officer Reina & Officer Haggerty, Officer Anderson & Lauren Anderson, state licensed scumbag psychologists throwing false charges are still walking free... having committed countless countless crimes ongoing to get away with essentially murder terroristic threats attacks war crime hatred against a political activist.


Lee Kenworthy locked up to silence him doesn’t it sound like Khashoggi...

Robert Martin 7.1.16 Retired Deputy Chief of Police Jersey City Intimidation & Threatening Kenworthy Family Remain Living in Urine Drenched Cage Detrimenting Kenworthy Family's Lives - Iwasanamerican
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Shay:                        Yeah, but why?

Bob:                          What's up with you, what are you doing?

Lee:                          Hey Bob. How you been?

Bob:                          So what's the good word?

Lee:                          We have to talk, okay? I spoke with Ricky and Lauren about a month ago.

Bob:                          Right.

Lee:                          And then told them that we're having and issue with the rent and whatnot.

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          I told them basically we didn't want to remain living here. You know what I'm saying with the carpet, the smell, with everything it's not... You know what I'm saying? We basically told them we'll pay for where we stay, but we do want to move out. But Ricky and Lauren came back with well we are in a lease. I told him, use 1000 dollars that you guys have for the deposit for this month, I'll drop the other 1000 on and we'll gear up to get out of here this month.

Lee:                          They came back with no, don't do that. You're in the lease. We can't use the money for the damages. The damages aren't our damages.

Bob:                          No that is not what that means.

Lee:                          It was insinuated. You know what I'm saying? In the textbook insinuated. The very first week, I mean to go in and to say you guys don't SMELL anything. That s where we started this. You know what I'm saying? There is no way-

Bob:                          I don't really where you're going with this Lee. Because, we said we were amenable to anything that you want to do and you said you want to put the rugs up, you should pull them up. We have an no issue with that.

Lee:                          I argued back and forth with Lauren & Ricky for almost two month. That's why I didn't do it. I put the bunked for the kids out in the living room, the kids lived out in the living room, because I got permission to pull out that one. Not the two bedrooms.

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          I have pictures of all of them dude. It's disgusting. What that woman just did to this house. It's still in the hole. If I let the heat, if I shut off the AC and say okay, I don't want to run the AC today because I don't want to pay the bill. On a day like today, all that smell is what's coming from the floors. I've had, I've had pneumonia three times over the past six years. My son has asthma. It's a situation that I had to address. The minute I addressed it and I took out the bedroom, I get a text, "I hope that's not the bedroom, we would have reused that carpet." If you look at the pictures, there's no way you're going to reuse that carpet. Her cats literally, the one room that she ripped out, she's using the fucking carpets as litter boxes.

Bob:                          But what's the bottom line?

Lee:                          Do you guys want to fix it? I can fix it. You know what I'm saying? There is that option, I've been saying it to Ricky all along, which I have been trying to-

Bob:                          Fix what though I'm not sure what you're talking about? Fix what?

Lee:                          Sand the floors and redo them, because that's the only way to get rid of that smell.

Bob:                          I thought you said you were going to do that. And then we said that there was no issue.

Lee:                          I went back and the minute I got the two texts of, "We may have reused the carpet," and all that. That's where I had to take a step back of... You know what I'm saying?

Bob:                          Let me put it this way, I'm not going to get in between what you and Rick and Lauren did because I wasn't part of that.

Lee:                          Yeah.

Bob:                          Okay? That we can all work out. That's not an issue. Okay?

Lee:                          That is where I am as far as monetarily right now we just got a major, major hit. We went into business. We were doing the staffing.

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          The business that we're renting to, they get raided the next week. So we go from 10 employees or 10000 dollars expected for the month to, we're struggling. I have a lawsuit and I have money from my grandmother's house. So us living here, you know what I'm saying? You guys could work with my lawyers to figure out, okay, the minute the probate is dropped, here's the check that's already for you guys. It's up to you guys how much you want to work with us. It's up to,

Bob:                          Well, it's not the point of working with you. We'll work with you, but we can't carry you every month.

Lee:                          Yeah, no, that's not what I'm saying.

Bob:                          We're not going to carry you going for six or seven months worrying about you getting the probate check. Because I've been through probate, they could take forever.

Lee:                          Yeah, exactly.

Bob:                          That's not going to happen. Alright, so you've got to come up with the rent today for the two months that you owe. You owe for June and you owe for July.

Lee:                          Okay.

Bob:                          So my understanding was, you're going to have that money here, because-

Lee:                          That's what I've been trying to talk to Rick about. I can pull something where I don't have it and I can. I've already talked to my lawyers, and they're willing to give me money on the other lawsuit, but at the same time with where we are. That's why I told her like I'd rather... We're spending 2200. It's a hefty sum for what we are dealing with.

Lee:                          So where we are, if we're going to continue that.

Bob:                          Let's do this. Let's not play a fucking game here, because that's what's happening.

Lee:                          But here's the thing, Bob, it's not my game that's being played.

Bob:                          No. You had your time. You had you talk, now it's my time. Okay? Because all this was all fine in the beginning. But now that you can't make the rent, you're going to, you're going to start using this?

Lee:                          It wasn't fine in the beginning. That's the point, it wasn't fine in the beginning. And that's where the text messages can show it.

Bob:                          We'll resolve all that stuff. The other stuff. You owe the rent, that's the bottom line.

Lee:                          That's fine.

Bob:                          Okay? And the rent's got to be due today. It's not due tomorrow. It's not due in two days.

Lee:                          Bob, I don't have family. I don't have a family. I didn't grow up... there's no one that I can call.

Bob:                          I don't want to sound like a hard ass, but that's not my issue.

Lee:                          I understand. I understand the position. I understand that.

Bob:                          That's not my issue, because I can't carry this house and Lauren can't carry this house by paying to wait for you to come up with the rent. It's just not going to work.

Lee:                          Here's the thing. You guys can't carry the house. When I offered you guys 5000 dollars for three months, and let me fix this right now. That was one. So who's going to foot the bill to fix someone else's mess. Should me and my family flip that way.

Bob:                          No, no, no.

Lee:                          But that's what Ricky and Lauren pitched back at us. And then after we basically said, "Okay, fine, here's the rent. I'm not footing the bill on fixing the home. What do we do?"

Bob:                          We said to you, and again, I'm not, I'm not part of those conversations because that was between you and Rick. Okay?

Lee:                          But that's where the insinuation of us with the damage with the carpet. That was in poor taste. You know?

Bob:                          I'm not worried about the damage to the carpet. And I'm not worried about the damage to the floor, because I'll fix that I'll.

Lee:                          But here's the question now. Are you going to give me back to the thousand dollars that I spent or is that going to get applied to the rent for all the people?

Bob:                          What thousand dollars that you spent?

Lee:                          You think I pulled the carpet out by myself? I cleaned all the cat piss that was just everywhere by myself? Because I hired people. There's a thousand that was spent on that, then another thousand than I have in receipts for... I mop this floor every single day. With bleach and shit just to not smell it.

Bob:                          I'll deal with that, okay? Let's not play this game. All right? Because I'm not a game player.

Lee:                          Neither am I, Bob. Neither am I at all.

Bob:                          Let me just tell you where you stand. You owe 44 hundred dollars as of today. Okay? That's what you have to pay. All the other stuff, I'll deal with. You want me to come here, clean it, I'll bring people in. I'll clean it. I'll do what I need to do. Okay? That we're going to do. That's what we're going to do. We're not going to play where you went back and said this. You would have to deal with Rick and you guys will have to iron out who said what, because I wasn't part of those conversations.

Lee:                          It's all been said over text, so it's-

Bob:                          That's fine. You guys can sit down and deal with that. Okay? You guys can sit down and work it out, because you're friends so you should be able to work that out.

Lee:                          That's where this has been the situation. That's why me and my wife said, it might just be better to rip off the bandaid, and us move out, and that's where we were threatened with, "Hey, you're in a lease.

Bob:                          You are in a lease!

Lee:                          So, here's the question though, Bob. I am in a lease. We know I'm in a lease.

Bob:                          That's right.

Lee:                          That saying I'm in a lease, if I want to break my lease, you'll be coming for me for my lease? Because why would that be said when I'm asking since the beginning, "Can you deal with the carpet? The carpet that everyone came out of the place and..."

Lee:                          But the, here's the thing, here's the thing that did me Bob. and You wore the badge. So here's the thing, you walk out of the house so we don't smell. What are you telling me and my family? Fuck off.

Bob:                          No, I'm not saying that.

Lee:                          Come on, Bob. Put the shoe where it's not your family making that statement. And where would you be if your family was moving inside, and your landlord said, "I don't smell the piss. It smells great in there."

Bob:                          Did I say that? Did you hear those words come out of my mouth?

Lee:                          I didn't hear it come out of your mouth, Bob. But it did come out-

Bob:                          Okay. So, don't tell me what I said and I didn't say.

Lee:                          -it did come out of Lauren's mouth.

Bob:                          Then you deal with Lauren and you deal with Rick. You don't deal with me. I don't want to hear the bullshit, Lee.

Lee:                          I'm not trying to bullshit you.

Bob:                          Because that's what you're shoveling. Listen, I've been around a long time, Lee.

Lee:                          I know that, Bob.

Bob:                          I've been bullshitted by the best. So don't try to tell me about every little tiny thing that went wrong in the house now, because you can't pay the rent.

Lee:                          No, I've been telling you since the beginning, Bob.

Bob:                          You've been telling me?

Lee:                          I've asked for your number, on this text message fifty times because I didn't want to deal with Bobby... Or not Bobby, Ricky and Lauren, because in the end the decision keeps coming back to, well, Bobby says this, we got to do this. Okay, so then let me talk to fucking Bobby, because realistically, this is a situation that it's been snowballing one after another after another.

Lee:                          I could go in through the back if you want to lock it.

Bob:                          Here's the deal. I will address all of those problems with Rick and Lauren up in the next two days about getting everything straightened out here as far as what you want, as far as... Going to Rick, he's asked you time and time again for the measurements for the doors, to come and fix the doors, or fix all this stuff, whatever. You haven't provided that.

Lee:                          The doors are sanded doors. You guys have owned this house for... I'll get you the measurements. The doors is like the least.

Bob:                          Okay we're doing that. But as far as the floors and stuff; I'll worry about the floors, but that is something different. The bottom line is you've got to come up with the rent. That's the bottom line.

Lee:                          I understand that. I understand that.

Bob:                          You said to Lauren, "Let me go to the 15th," and she said, "Not a problem." Then on the 15th, "I don't have it. I promise you on July 1st, I'll have both. I'll have both rents."

Lee:                          That is the anticipated, but at the same time we're fighting-

Bob:                          That's not my problem, Lee. That's not my problem.

Lee:                          Here's the thing though, I moved into your house Bob, and I moved in with the family perception. No one acted like family. So realistically, I'm, nobody's fool either. I'm not here in a family environment. When the first day was said, "We don't smell that." You don't smell it right there? For the next 60 days Bobby, I had to deal with it.

Bob:                          Lee, let me tell you something. I'm off the smell and the... I'm off all that shit.

Bob:                          Where is the rent? That's where we're at now.

Lee:                          I don't have the rent for you today.

Bob:                          When are you going to have it?

Lee:                          I'll have it in the next few weeks.

Bob:                          No, that's not good enough, Lee. That is not good enough. We're not going to play this game. Which few weeks and then it goes to another month or anything else. We're not going to play that game Lee, okay? You want me to turn the heat up? I'll turn the fucking heat up.

Lee:                          What does that mean, Bob?

Bob:                          Whatever you want it to be. I'm just telling you, Lee-

Lee:                          No, no, Bob. What do you mean by you'll turn the heat up?

Bob:                          I'll make your life miserable, Lee.

Lee:                          You'll make my life miserable?

Bob:                          Because you're making my life miserable.

Lee:                          I'm making your life miserable.

Bob:                          That's right.

Lee:                          Bob, I'm not paying rent, but here's the thing. Your family's not suffering, and the bottom line-

Bob:                          I'm suffering, because who do you think is paying the rent? Who do you think is paying the rent? I'm taking loans out to pay the rent that you're not paying.

Lee:                          You're taking loans out on this house to pay the rent that I'm not paying?

Bob:                          That's right. That you're not paying.

Lee:                          You guys all on vacation. You're doing fine, Bobby.

Bob:                          I'm not on vacation. I left work to come here.I'm working 16 hours a day, seven days a week, Lee.

Lee:                          I understand that, Bob. I understand that. I'm on the job every fucking day too.

Bob:                          Well, I have bills to pay and I have responsibilities to pay, and I pay them. Okay. You have a responsibility to pay your rent, because that's where you live. That was the deal. Okay? So you have to pay the rent.

Lee:                          And when I told your family that I don't want to be in the house, let me pay you the last month. Let's start finding you a new tenant.

Bob:                          Here's what we're going to do. You come up with 6600 dollars for this month. For June, July, and August. Then you can leave in August. We'll cut your free out of the lease. No, but you've got to tell me when the 6600 dollars has got to be here when.

Lee:                          I'll tell you God's honest truth, I have to find six to 6600. One hundred percent. I have to find it. I have to get it.

Bob:                          That's not good enough, you guys. You need to have money here today. You needed to have money here today.

Lee:                          Bob, I told Ricky and Lauren, we would prefer to move. So what am I telling you guys? Our financial situation is what it is.

Bob:                          Doesn't matter, prefer what you want to do Lee. Okay? The bottom line is whILE you're here you have to pay rent.

Lee:                          No shit, Bob. I'm not trying to circumvent that. But I tried to-

Bob:                          You are trying. You're trying to give me a bullshit story, and you're going to try and push this into another month and we'll go this way.

Lee:                          Do you really think I want to push into another month when I said two, three weeks ago, I'd rather pay you for June and leave.

Bob:                          Yeah, but you can't-

Lee:                          Why not let me off the hook?

Bob:                          -you can't go.

Lee:                          Why are you not letting me off the hook?

Bob:                          You can't say that June 28th.

Lee:                          I didn't say it June 28th, I said it the first week of June. I said the first week of June, Bob.

Bob:                          When are you going to have the money.?

Lee:                          I have to make the money. I have to make the money or I have to go get it from something.

Bob:                          Well that's not good enough. Okay. Because I got to tell you, I've got to make the money too, because I want to buy a castle in England. That's not going to work for me either. Okay? You've got to tell me when you're going to have the money. Unequivocally have the money.

Lee:                          I can't say that. I can tell you 100 times, the same way I told Ricky. I cannot say that.

Bob:                          What do you think going to live here for fucking free? That ain't happening.

Lee:                          Am I trying to?

Bob:                          Yeah you are. That's exactly what happened.

Lee:                          How in the world am I trying to, Bob? How?

Bob:                          Because now you went through June, you promised July. Here's July, now you come. You don't have July either.

Lee:                          I had ten grand to give your daughter and Ricky, and I said flat out, "Can I give you five and call it three months, and give you another five and call three months so I could give you ten-"

Bob:                          When was that?

Lee:                          It's in the text message. Lauren said no. Lauren said no to a lump sum of ten fucking grand, Bob. So come on. Can you feel where I'm coming from?

Bob:                          No, I can't because you know what? If have 10 grand, you put 2200 aside for your rent, and that's what you do with it because that's when your rent is due. Okay? So the bottom line is, you've got to come up with the money. Now you better come up with some money, like in the next couple of days, Lee. Okay? Because this isn't flying. This shit isn't going to fly.

Lee:                          As far as the heat, Bob. What do you want to do with that? Because, I've had enough shit in my life do I have to look over my shoulder...

Bob:                          But let me tell you something. Let me just tell you something.

Lee:                          That's what I'm asking.

Bob:                          You don't want to play that game with me. I'm just telling you that you don't want to play that game with me.

Lee:                          I'm not the one that said it.

Bob:                          I'm telling you, you do not want to play that game with me, because you will find out the hard way that it's the wrong way to play. I'm just telling you that. I'm a nice guy.

Lee:                          What was implied by that? That's what I'm asking. What do I need to look over my shoulder for?

Bob:                          Here's what you need to know, okay? I'm a nice guy, but don't ever mistake kindness for weakness because that's a mistake.

Lee:                          Bob, I'm right here. I haven't flinched, I'm not mistaking kindness for weakness at all.

Bob:                          I'm just telling you. I'm not telling you to flinch. I'm trying to work with you to do what I can do. But you're not going to give me a shit story.

Lee:                          I'm not giving you shit story. I'm trying to show you where there was certain things that were tried to be lined up-

Bob:                          That has nothing to do with that. I will fix that. Okay? And if you had a problem with that you should have said, "Okay, here's what I want to do. I want to have a sit down with everybody and we'll iron this out." Okay?

Lee:                          Honestly, I think that's the best way to do it. I think that's what we should do next week.

Bob:                          No, because they're not here. They're not here. Okay? They're away.

Lee:                          Okay.

Bob:                          I'm only here to get the money that you owe. That's what I'm here for. I own half the house, Lauren owns the other half of the house.

Lee:                          I didn't get a lease Bob, until just now with the electricity.

Bob:                          You had a lease.

Lee:                          I never got provided a lease.

Bob:                          You had the lease.

Lee:                          No I did not. I signed three leases. Lauren said, "I'll give you a copy back." Never got a copy until the other day.

Bob:                          You know what, she said you got a copy, you said you didn't so you're-

Lee:                          The AC, if that thing breaks, then we pay for it?

Bob:                          Yeah, it's on you.

Lee:                          Okay. That's on... And then if we put in a new one, we leave that for the house? Does it get deducted from the rent?

Bob:                          No, no because-

Lee:                          And you think that's ethically and legally right to put in the lease?

Bob:                          That's right.

Lee:                          So we buy you a new unit.

Bob:                          No, you don't have to buy anything. Put a window air conditioner in.

Lee:                          So then that wouldn't get fixed?

Bob:                          Wouldn't get fixed. Or you come to me, you say, "What can we do here?

Lee:                          Electricity, I was on the impression that electricity was on that-

Bob:                          Lee, there's never been any-

Lee:                          2200 dollars? I never would have agreed to 2200 dollars for that.

Bob:                          I don't care. I don't care what you agreed to, because you agreed to it. You signed the lease for it. There's nobody in the world that gives you electricity and rent unless you're living in a basement-

Lee:                          There's be plenty of place.

Bob:                          No.

Lee:                          There's plenty of places.

Bob:                          Find me a place.

Bob:                          Now where are we at with you giving me the money? Where are we at with that?

Lee:                          I contacted a lawyer, we can meet with the lawyer next week. Figure it out where we go.

Bob:                          I'm not waiting for you to get a settlement. That's not happening.

Lee:                          I'm not talking about settling. I'm talking about a landlord tenant lawyer, we deal with it. We put it on paper.

Bob:                          No, we're not dealing with it. I got a lease that says you owe me the money. That's what I have. I'm not dealing with a landlord tenant lease. I'm not dealing with that, okay. You tell me you come up with the money, I'll get you out of this lease. How's that?

Lee:                          That's what I'd like to put on paper, Bob.

Bob:                          No, we're not putting that on paper until you give me some money.

Lee:                          Why wouldn't we put it on paper?

Bob:                          Until you give me some money-

Lee:                          If you're willing to let me out of the lease, because that was the issue-

Bob:                          I will put it on paper-

Lee:                          After I pay you?

Bob:                          Listen to me.

Lee:                          Come on Bobby. After I pay you?

Bob:                          No, no. Listen to what I'm saying.

Lee:                          I'm telling you, you've been up to the sneaky shit. Not so much you, but your daughter.

Bob:                          You say that again, we're going to have a real problem here.

Lee:                          Come on come on... You're in my face, you're a Retired Cop. Stop. Stop.

Bob:                          Fuck you, how about that?

Lee:                          This right here is why we've been since month one going back and forth.

Bob:                          Let me tell you something, Lee. Let me tell you something. Okay? I'm nobody's fucking fool. You want to dance, we'll dance right and fucking here, right now.

Lee:                          I don't want to dance, Bobby. I don't.

Bob:                          Let me tell you something, Lee, because you're pushing the wrong fucking guy's buttons.

Lee:                          Since day one, that's what I've been trying to like-

Bob:                          Here's the deal.

Lee:                          Since day one, Bobby.

Bob:                          Here's the deal on the table. You make up with the past rent. Okay? You make up for June and July. June and July. You give me 4400 dollars, you can be out July 31st, you're out. And you better be out. You've got to come up with the money within the next couple of days for that deal to stand. How's that?

Lee:                          It is what it is, Bob. You know...It is what it is.

Bob:                          No.Is that the deal? I'll give you the deal. You come up with the 4400 dollars, and you can leave July 1st and there's no penalty on the lease. How's that?

Lee:                          Can you put that in writing?

Bob:                          You give me the money, and the day you give it to me, that money, the day you send me-

Lee:                          What would be the difference with us going to the lawyer's office that's already drafted it, and we both sign it, there's a-

Bob:                          I don't need a lawyer. I'll give you-

Lee:                          I need a lawyer. I feel that I need a lawyer in this situation.

Bob:                          Well, if you can pay for a lawyer, you can certainly pay the rent. Okay? That's the bottom line. You can pay for a lawyer. You can certainly pay the rent. Okay, so here's the deal. I will sit down and write out the document for you the second you pay me the 4400 dollars you're out July 31st, no penalty on the lease, we void the lease. But, you got to give me a date by the end of this week or next week.

Lee:                          Give me until the end of the next week to come up and figure out a date.

Bob:                          No, not a date. Not a date. You can start packing your shit now.

Lee:                          That's what we've already started doing, Bob. That's what when I talked to him a month ago-

Bob:                          Okay, but you're not going to skip out, Lee. You're not going to skip out.

Lee:                          Bob, do I look like a scumbug?

Bob:                          Yeah, you do. Right now, you do.

Lee:                          I do look like a scumbag? Is that why I got treated like a scumbag?

Bob:                          No.

Lee:                          When no one smelled it because you walked out, everyone walked out and no one smelled it.

Bob:                          I don't want to hear about this stuff.

Lee:                          You don't want to hear about the damages that were done from someone else?

Bob:                          Here's what I am telling you to do for me.

Lee:                          You don't want to hear about damages that were done from someone else-

Bob:                          I said we'll fix that.

Lee:                          You want to put them on me. In the text messages you're daughter did-

Bob:                          You deal with Rick with that and that's not a problem. Here's what I'm going to for you. I told you, I will let you out of that lease the second we sit down together, you and me, as two human beings trying to get along.

Lee:                          That's what I've been in this situation, Bob, because your daughter also wanted to work from home. And I, me and Shay said, "Hey, we have an opportunity for you guys. You want to talk it over Bobby and see, because you could sit at home and make fucking money right now, we're doing a staffing agency." She doesn't need the money Bob. No, you don't need the money. That's what we're showing. You don't need the money because you're making it off of us.

Bob:                          I'm not investing money in somebody's business.

Lee:                          I'm not asking for a fucking investment, Bobby. What investment was this?

Bob:                          Let's get back to the bottom line.

Lee:                          But what investment was asked, Bobby?

Bob:                          I was told that the investment was that we'd invest in a company that you're starting and you need some money.

Lee:                          No, no investment, Bobby.

Bob:                          I don't care about that, Lee.

Lee:                          People work. People who go to work, it's a staffing agency. You know, plenty of people-

Bob:                          We hire 1500 people a week. I know what it's about.

Lee:                          So you know, the staffing agency, you know that we make money off of them. So where's their investment in money?

Bob:                          Here's what I'm trying to tell you.

Lee:                          Collecting a paycheck.

Bob:                          When are you going to give me the money? The second you give me the money, I will give you a document that says you're out on July 31st, you're out of your this, there's no penalty, there's nothing, you can walk away from the house.

Lee:                          Okay, but I have to make some calls. Today is Friday. I have to make some calls and I have to see what I can get. So that question I could legitimately answer for you on Wednesday. Without a doubt, I can give you-

Bob:                          Tuesday.

Lee:                          Tuesday's the day after the holiday, fine. My lawyer should be in the office. Tuesday's fine.

Bob:                          If he can front you up with 4400 dollars, and then you can be out July 31st. Then you know what? I don't have a problem with that.

Lee:                          That's best for everybody. That's the best for everyone.

Bob:                          Best for everybody concerned. I'm telling you that-

Lee:                          That's what I approached Ricky with. I said, "I'd rather not have this. I'd rather give you the money for the rent. Let us give you additional thousand. A thousand security deposit. We can get out at the end of the month." He said, "I can't use that. That's going to be for damages." I say, okay, "How about I give you a 2000, and you fucking keep the thousand and I'd be out at the-"

Bob:                          I wasn't part of that.

Lee:                          No, I understand that.

Bob:                          I wasn't part of that, Lee. And I'm trying to be neutral here.

Lee:                          I understand. Coming from the perspective that I just gave you, we asked to be out. You know what I'm saying? We asked to be out so that we didn't have to have this conversation about what our issues are, and having some say in it.

Bob:                          But if you have the issues, you still got an obligation to pay your rent, okay?

Lee:                          I know. Bob, I have. Every every month until just now.

Bob:                          No, every month-

Lee:                          Until just now.

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          Did you think I expected them to get fucking raided by the FBI? I got 15 people there, and we're looking like we're out of the ten fucking grand month. I'm good. They get raided. Shit happens. When we put our eggs in that basket to make that money. But we don't have parents to go to.

Bob:                          I don't have parent either. I never had my parents my whole life.

Lee:                          You get what I mean by, we don't have-

Bob:                          But I work for it.

Lee:                          We leave here Bob, we're leaving here with picking back up.

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          So that's not where we expected to be. That's what I'm trying to say to you. That's not where we expected to be. 10 grand was what was there? 15 people went down to fucking seven and now we're fucking at groceries. I didn't want to be here.

Bob:                          I know you don't want to be here having that part of life Lee... Let me tell you something. I know what it's like to be poor, because I was poor. I lived-

Lee:                          It's a struggle, dude. You fight every fucking meal.

Bob:                          That's about it. I went days without eating, so you don't have to tell me. I understand. I understand it.

Lee:                          And where I'm coming from with it, it's disappointing. You know what I'm saying? Like honestly, ultimately, I moved in with-

Bob:                          Great expectations.

Lee:                          Bobby, I haven't been safe in a long time.

Bob:                          I know.

Lee:                          I haven't been safe in a long time. I've not been safe in a long fucking time, Bobby. This is for my fucking country. So anybody got think whatever the fuck they want about me.

Bob:                          Right.

Lee:                          At the end of the day, dude, I've caught plenty for everyone.

Bob:                          I've been there too. So you're not talking-

Lee:                          You've seen my temperament, Bob. I'm not, "Hey, let's fucking dance." See, that's my last-

Bob:                          Here's me. I tried to go to somebody, but when they think going to start jerking me around [crosstalk 00:24:33] I become a different fucking guy and I'm a nasty motherfucker. Okay?

Lee:                          I'm saying this, which is there... This has been such a situation where-

Bob:                          You know what, let me tell you something, whether you want to believe this or not; I don't give a fuck whether you do or you don't.

Lee:                          No dude, I'll take it at face.

Bob:                          Okay. When you moved in here, I considered you family because you're Rick's friend. And I'd still consider your family. And just so you know, I've had the same dance that I'm having with you, with my own son. So it isn't like you... I treat you like I treat him.

Lee:                          I know.

Bob:                          And then when it escalates, it escalates. And I can't take that away from me.

Lee:                          That's the way you are.

Bob:                          That's the way I am. And I'm trying to be as nice as I possibly can, but I don't want to be bullshitted. You know what? Let me tell you something-

Lee:                          Where I'm coming up with the money, I can tell you flat out I have no fucking clue. Am I a scumbag with everything going on, Bob? One thing that has been my only fucking solace in the past ten years. When I get just another rap sheet [inaudible 00:25:32] My integrity is all I got.

Bob:                          That's it.

Lee:                          It's the only fucking thing that I got on both sides of this fence. With you guys, and with [inaudible 00:25:39]

Bob:                          Right.

Lee:                          It's the only fucking thing. So I watch every fucking image and every piece, because if I'm ever going to get upstairs, it's going to be based off of my fucking integrity from yesterday.

Bob:                          Absolutely.

Lee:                          Because that's all I got.

Bob:                          No easy day was yesterday.

Lee:                          Exactly. That's all I have.

Bob:                          Right? No day was yesterday.

Lee:                          With this, I saw something going. Ryan. And was like, "I don't want to go ride the chickens." I've known your family for fucking years.

Bob:                          Since you you grew up, you know?

Lee:                          Years, exactly. I'm going to dick you guys on the money. That's the point to what I'm saying. Wherever the fuck I have to get it, come from with it. You got it. I'm not going to dick you on the 400 at all.

Bob:                          Lee, I want to believe you, and I'm going to take you at your face value because of who I know you are. Who you are in here. Okay. I'm going to take you on at face value that you're not going to dip this out of the 4400 dollars. It's not about the money-

Lee:                          It's the principle.

Bob:                          And I'm trying to... It's not even the principal. Now listen to me, it's not the principal. It's not the principal is that I got a sick wife, I got all sorts of bills, so I don't have a lot of extra money so I don't have the money to put down on your mortgage because I'm paying my mortgage. Lauren doesn't have the money to put down on her mortgage because she had to refinance her house and everything. She almost lost her house, it was in foreclosure. So she doesn't have the money to put it down either.

Lee:                          Everything that he's been telling me, if you [inaudible 00:27:08]

Bob:                          It's true. But you got to give me something. You just can't say to me, "Next week. Next week. Next week." You've got to give me something concrete, and you can't just say to me, "Alright, next I'll deal with this and then I'll send it."

Lee:                          I was about to get it. When I talked to Ricky, I talked to my lawyer, my lawyer is the one in the federal lawsuit. We had a conversation that then went on. Told Ricky, okay. I spoke to the next. He told me, "Shit, we hit a little snag. We're not legally able to give you something until we get some sort of response or something." My own lawyer was going to open up that and say, "Here, it's fine." And then you got caught with "Fuck, I can give you 20 where on paper, how the fuck am I justifying?"

Bob:                          That's his [inaudible 00:27:58]

Lee:                          It's one way. We did look into it too with the DOCs, they have to have a response well they should.

Bob:                          But the lawyer can front you up money. He can front you up the money on what income he wants, absolutely.

Lee:                          I haven't forced his hand.

Bob:                          But you might have to force his hand.

Lee:                          Pretty much.

Bob:                          And I'm telling you as a gentleman to you and a gentleman to me, if you want to get out and you can come up with the 4400 you can walk away in July. Alright? I'm telling you.

Lee:                          I know.

Bob:                          [crosstalk 00:28:32] Lee. Just don't jerk me around and be candid, because I'm trying to be nice, but I'm telling you I'm a bad guy. I'm really a bad guy.

Lee:                          I recognize myself. You hear me, I recognize myself?

Bob:                          You recognize yourself.

Lee:                          I know what we've all, you know.

Bob:                          Okay. But I've done a lot of bad things in my life, and I'm sure you have too. Okay? But the problem is, I can still do it them. You can't. Okay? The reason you can't do them is because you're trying to get to heaven. I know I'm not going. I know I was got my card to fucking hell so I don't give a fuck.

Lee:                          It comes with the badge.

Bob:                          Comes with the badge.

Lee:                          Here's your ticket to hell.

Bob:                          And I've got my ticket to hell and I've been there and I'm the type of guy; I try and be as nice a guy as I can, but I don't want to be jerked around either.

Lee:                          Here's the thing, I'm not looking to bullshit you. I'm not looking to fuck you. [crosstalk 00:29:19]

Bob:                          I can promise you this, as we're standing here, you will never outrun me if you fuck me. I'm calling that right now. I'm telling you. There's not a place in this world you will find and you will hide. I'm going to show you something. Okay? A lot of people don't know this.

Lee:                          I do.

Bob:                          You don't know this. I'm a United States, Marshall, in addition to when I was a cop. I'm still a United States Marshall.

Lee:                          I know, [crosstalk 00:29:43] I know you can go into my file.

Bob:                          I can find anything I want about you.

Lee:                          I'm sure you've seen my file.

Bob:                          I mean, look at you. You know why I don't have to look at your file, Lee? Because I trust you. If I didn't trust you, I would have been in your file I would have been up your ass, and there would've been people climbing all over you already. I trust you.

Lee:                          Part of what's been going on right now [crosstalk 00:30:25] so sexual assault [inaudible 00:30:39]

Bob:                          Who knows. Who knows.

Lee:                          [inaudible 00:30:49]

Bob:                          We got to come up with a solution, because like I said, I'm willing to help, I'm willing to work with you, but you got to give me something. You just can't sit here and say to me, "Okay, next week-"

Lee:                          I'm going to be working so more money's coming [inaudible 00:31:00]

Bob:                          The bottom line is-

Lee:                          I'm closing down.

Bob:                          Right.

Lee:                          They're all paid [inaudible 00:31:11]

Bob:                          [crosstalk 00:31:18] You still have to have a place for your kids to live. You don't want to be a fucking nomad. Rent to me comes first.

Lee:                          That's where we are. Where we're kicking back and forth. [inaudible 00:31:31] Let's make this living. Let's pay us through until fucking December. But I can say, you know, on face that could happen. I'm over 20 [inaudible 00:31:46] But I can cover it, and I'm not trying to hurt you guys at all. I need you to know that and I need you to know that the situation right now is not where I want to be.

Bob:                          I know it's not where you want to be, it's not where I want to be. You think I want to seeing you and I discussing. And you know, yelling and arguing.

Bob:                          Oh yeah, I'll have to get back there. I'm caught up on something. Yup. I'll get back to you.

Bob:                          You want to know if I'm busy. I tell you I'm getting back to you, am I busy? I'm busy. If I wasn't busy, I'd tell him-

Lee:                          I'm going to go downwind so I can smoke this.

Bob:                          Okay, feel free.

Lee:                          We should be able to have something for you guys in the next two weeks, even if it's the rent. You know what I'm saying?

Bob:                          Here's what I'm feeling. Okay?

Lee:                          I understand 100 percent.

Bob:                          You give me 1000 and that gives me false hope that I'm getting the rest, but in the meantime you're still staying here.

Lee:                          We can calculate if you want, we can calculate that I'll be out. As of July.

Bob:                          I can't calculate that you're going to be out as of July unless you've given me money. Okay? I don't want you to say, okay, here's 1000 dollars and that just buys you to the end of July. Then you you skip out in the middle of night. And I'm saying, okay where the fuck is Lee? You know?

Lee:                          Bob, I got nowhere to go.

Bob:                          But that's why you need, that's why-

Lee:                          I've had for the past seven years with the children social services and my own fucking mother taking the kids. I can't even trust my fucking mother with my babies and her calling the division. Because she gets paid. She has 20 something thousand dollars a fucking year, plus all this other shit. She's done it to me three fucking times.

Bob:                          Call this number.

Lee:                          You know what I'm saying? Like what the fuck do you do with that one? We have the kids. We were trying to figure out new contracts.

Bob:                          [inaudible 00:33:44]

Lee:                          I know you can try to say, dude, it's one fucking warehouse, how many fucking people? I can give Lauren 600 thousand [inaudible 00:33:51]. But we still have the business. It's no fucking investment. Any warehouse that you know that you've stopped in over the fucking 20 years, have you worked down there that you know them. And you say, "Hey, temporary agents," which they all fucking use. "Use this company."

Bob:                          You got a card?

Lee:                          Yeah, in the car.

Bob:                          [crosstalk 00:34:50]

Lee:                          We get the contract. We pay them ten to work an hour. Making anywhere from five to six thousand [inaudible 00:35:03]

Bob:                          Okay.

Lee:                          Well, right now I'm not looking, I'm not looking to get after this one. Because it can get you business so you can make your bills.

Bob:                          Exactly. Which I'll appreciate. You know what I'm going to do with it.

Lee:                          [inaudible 00:35:19] The company, my company, hires 1200 temps a week, but it's out in Long Island. We're not going to get-

Bob:                          You can get to Long Island [inaudible 00:35:29]

Lee:                          [inaudible 00:35:30] somewhere to interview. Do their background checks.

Bob:                          Call my cell, so you have my number. Call my cell.

Lee:                          Thank you.

Bob:                          (201) 303-5378.

Bob:                          Got it.

Lee:                          I have the plot from my grandmother that she left for me.

Bob:                          Don't make me put you in that early.

Lee:                          I know.

Bob:                          You've got to start doing the right thing. You got to give me something, because I can't fund this now.

Lee:                          I know... the plot is like

Bob:                          Who's going to buy a plot with someone they don't know?

Lee:                          It's for the North Arlington Cemetery.

Bob:                          If there's nobody in there, you could probably sell it.

Lee:                          No no, it's selling. Yeah, there's no one under-

Bob:                          Then you could probably sell it. You'll probably get a good deal for it if you put it on Craigslist or something.

Lee:                          I am going to speak directly with the funeral home. They have Craigslist too.

Bob:                          Because I know the plots are getting more and more expensive.

Lee:                          Yeah, it was. It was roughly like, when I looked a few months ago, it was like 15, 16, or something.

Bob:                          More than that.

Lee:                          I might get more than that...

Bob:                          Tuesday, call me on Tuesday give me a heads up on where we're at and what we're doing. Alright?

Lee:                          I called my one lawyer with [inaudible 00:37:42] on Thursday. So I told her, and I let them have the weekend, but I need to get it next week.

Bob:                          Alright. Like I said, I want to do this because you're like family. I don't fly that around easy. I don't.

Lee:                          I know that.

Bob:                          These people upstairs, I told them the same thing. They were Karen's-

Lee:                          Karen's friends.

Bob:                          They're Karen's relatives. When they came in, I said to them, "Okay, you know what? You're here because Karen brought you here. I consider Karen, hung around my daughter all her life. I associate talent Karen was kind of like an adopted daughter."

Lee:                          I didn't remember Karen so much. I saw a picture of her, but, yeah, I remember.

Bob:                          Then we they said they're coming, I said so you'll be like like family too. You're going to be just like family. Right? And that's the way I treat them. I went up, I did work in their house. I don't charge them for work.

Lee:                          I know, I know. That's what I do. I do feel unsure too pulling this card out. It's not a card that... Put it this way, if our situation turns the fuck around and we have 10000 coming in every fucking month. I'd liked to fix the house.

Bob:                          You'll stay here. We'll work together.

Lee:                          You know what I'm saying? I'd like to fix the house.

Bob:                          But you got to give me some kind of good faith, because I gave you good faith. We didn't say anything about June. We said okay, well you can go to July, and now it's the same story.

Lee:                          100%. I understand 100%.

Bob:                          I got to go back to work. Alright?

Lee:                          Thank you, Bob. I will definitely...

Bob:                          Because I'll find you, Lee. I'll find you.

Lee:                          My box for the where to run is this big.

Bob:                          I don't care how big the box is but I'll find you.

Lee:                          Thank you Bobby. Bob.

Bob:                          Yeah?

Lee:                          As far as everything, they're on vacation, it's your family, let them know whatever you want them. But, I'm not worried. I don't want to screw with it.

Bob:                          Like I said, way back in the beginning of the conversation, just don't ever mistake kindness for weakness because it's not.

Lee:                          I'm the same way. My heart's on my sleeve, I'm the same way, and it fucking hurts and it hurts more them.

Bob:                          It hurts to have your heart on you sleeve, but the difference is I know I'm not going to heaven. I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a problem.

Lee:                          I'll see you later, Bob. If anything changes before I will text you. I'll be in touch with you Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday. Thank you.

Bob:                          Alright. [inaudible 00:40:23]

Lee:                          You know it the minute it does. the minute it does. I'm going to figure out the plot next week.

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